“Data is replacing the voice – whether we like it or not”

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“Data is replacing the voice – whether we like it or not” Enlarge image

The designs of Christian Nold illustrate how designers can engage in public controversies. One of these examples is the proposed third runway at Heathrow Airport, which spiked a debate about aircraft noise studies under local residents. It turned out that an aircraft noise study from 1982 was still being used to create legislation.

The residents wanted to have a (political) programme with a different range of ways to share their experiences of noise complaints, using data. In working with the residents Christian Nold found out that some designs didn’t work, such as displaying noise levels in public space – others did. A result of this design effort was that residents who didn’t know each other before the sessions, wanted to work together afterwards.

Read the essay by Christian Nold: How designers can reshape public controversies.

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