Willem van Winden

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Dr. Willem van Winden (PhD) is an urban economist specialized in urban innovation and policy. He is professor of Urban Knowledge Economy & Strategy at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He has published widely on urban innovation and related topics, in books and international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

He is strategic advisor to a number of European cities, and to Urbact, Europe’s largest exchange and learning programme promoting sustainable urban development, and Lead Expert of EUniverCities, a network of European cities and universities. He leads a research team that focuses on urban innovations, inter-organisational business models for smart cities, campus development, synergy management in clusters, triple helix collaboration. The research projects are typically designed in close collaboration with policy makers and receivers, and lead to concrete and applicable results. In particular, he has participated in many applied research projects in the region of Amsterdam, in close collaboration with the city government and Amsterdam Smart City.

For publications and citations, see Google Scholar.

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