Civic crowdfunding and citizen-led micro-regeneration. Discussing case studies in European cities and their impacts on public policies

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Civic crowdfunding and citizen-led micro-regeneration. Discussing case studies in  European cities and their impacts on public policies Enlarge image Global garden, global kitchen – London. Photo source: Silvia Gullino

Through an interactive and creative approach, this workshop aims to explore and critically discuss experiences of civic crowdfunding in European cities, investigating the potential and limits of such innovative initiatives in proactively taking responsibility of public assets.

What you will get out of this workshop
The workshop will last the entire day. In the morning, there will be a roundtable presentation of short papers based on civic crowdfunding case studies, supported by visual materials, for example: posters, photos, videos alongside more traditional slides. In the afternoon, themes that emerged in the presentations will be discussed in small groups. The organizers will then lead the final, conclusive part of the workshop and raise questions/themes for future discussions.

The aim is to initiate working partnerships between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers across Europe, establish a long lasting network, identify further lines of research enquiry and lead to a collection of single or multi-authored papers.

Workshop theme
Civic crowdfunding is a donation-based model to raise money and fund public assets. Through civic crowdfunding citizens can in fact proactively design a project proposal (from improving green spaces to creating new art hubs or reusing derelict buildings for community purposes), publish it on an online platform, attract supporters, reach the funding target and develop the project.
This workshop provides the opportunity to discuss emerging practices of civic crowdfunding initiatives as generators of new forms of local participation and as activators of new forms of citizen-led, innovative micro-regeneration projects in European cities. The focus is on small-scale projects through which citizens and community groups proactively engage in the design, financial resources and transformation of urban spaces.

The workshop aims to bring together people, whether from an academic, practice based or lay perspective, to discuss innovative, small-scale local civic projects supported through civic crowdfunding.

Particular attention will be offered to different forms of interaction between civic initiatives and local governments, possible effects in terms of micro-regeneration and more generally towards the innovation of urban policy making.

Dr Silvia Gullino (University College London)
Dr Carolina Pacchi (Politecnico of Milano)
Dr Beatrice Carli (University of Sheffield)
Dr Heidi Seetzen (Kingston University)

Date and location
Workshop 3
Title: Civic crowdfunding and citizen-led micro-regeneration
Date: 22/4 10:00 – 17:00
Location: TBA

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