Becoming smart citizens. How replicable ideas jump

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Becoming smart citizens. How replicable ideas jump Enlarge image Tricycle Club. Source: The U.S. National Archives. License: Flickr Commons

We will question, map and work together to understand how smart citizen initiatives jump, that is how they are modified and appropriated – or not – in locations other than the ones where they were originally initiated.

What you will get out of this workshop
Key insights on the cultures and geographies of citizen innovation, mechanisms and strategies for their design, adaptation and appropriation.

Workshop theme
The workshop will gather practitioners, activists and researchers to explore the conditions by which citizens take an active role in shaping their local environment and in creating replicable initiatives, formats, franchises and new genres to “make the city” locally and elsewhere.

We will share, analyse and dissect examples and cases – brought by the workshop organizers and participants – in which smart citizen initiatives jumped to another context, country or city.

During the workshop we will collectively question, map and work to understand this ‘jumping’ process. Our approaches will be storytelling, making and exploring intersections through codesigning a ‘jumping tool’ or a ‘travelling machine’ (the exact nature of this tool will be determined by responses in the workshop).

Andrea Botero, Aalto University
Ann Light, University of Sussex
Lone Malmborg, IT University of Copenhagen
Sanna Marttila, Aalto University
Mariana Salgado, Aalto University
Joanna Saad-Sulonen, Aarhus University

Date and location
Workshop 1
Title: Becoming smart citizens. How replicable ideas jump
Date: 22/4 10:00 – 17:00
Location: TBA

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