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The Lab of Labs consisted of hands-on design charrettes that explored a variety of approaches for living labs and design research practices, with high-profile international practitioners concretely demonstrating their own methodologies. Each lab conducted a two-day charrette, open to the active participation of Design & The City participants.

They took place on the Knowledge Mile, a living lab in the center of Amsterdam, and practically teased out different styles, approaches and methodologies in design/co-design. Outcomes, insights and reflections were presented in a conclusive meeting and used as a starting point for a broader discussion about design methodologies, and their relationship with living labs and smart cities.

The public presentation of the Lab of Labs took place on Wednesday night (20 April; 20:00 – 22:00) at the Kohnstammzaal of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and was open to the general public. Read the report.

Lab - Ideal Lab Roots and identities

Roots and identities

Ideal Lab is a design research program that invites designers, researchers, artists and scholars sharing a broadly interdisciplinary perspective and a process-oriented approach. Since 2010, Ideal Lab carries out design investigations through fieldwork and workshops, with the objectives of defining upcoming needs, providing human results and realising future scenarios through tangible products and processes.

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Lab - Fields of View Designing for dialogue and sociality in smart cities

Designing for dialogue and sociality in smart cities

Fields of View is a research lab that aims at a better understanding of the urban environment, working in cooperation with local administrations, academia, industry, and civil society. In this charette we will design for events and activities – such as urban games, geo-localized storytelling, etc., – to promote dialogue and sociality, fostering an inclusive and participatory culture.

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Lab - Kitchen Budapest Hyperlocal civic platforms

Hyperlocal civic platforms

Kitchen Budapest (KIBU) is an innovation and incubation lab operating in Hungary since 2007, supporting young talents and aiming to provide solutions to global and mass-cultural issues. Working with a broad network of international partners, KIBU provides guidance to digital innovators through idea development programs and design methodologies.

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Lab - Waag Society Designing inclusive interactions

Designing inclusive interactions

Waag Society, Institute for Art, Science & Technology, is an interdisciplinary non-profit media lab aiming at understanding and reflecting on the role of technology in society through artistic research, critical design and social innovation. We will use this charette to produce critical and speculative design concepts for “inclusive interactions” in future smart cities, empowering all citizens to experience public spaces on their own terms, regardless of age, health conditions, and cognitive or physical abilities.

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Lab - Centre for Design Informatics Blockchain City

Blockchain City

The Centre for Design Informatics is situated across the schools of Edinburgh College of Art and Informatics at the University of Edinburgh and is home to a combination of researchers working across the fields of interaction design, temporal design, anthropology, software engineering and cryptocurrencies. Interdisciplinary in intent, the Centre has demonstrated its distinctive capacity to anticipate the emerging paradigm of Human Data Interaction, through research collaborations, conference contributions and recognition within a peer community.

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1 –Lab of Labs Kickoff at Reinwardtacademie

Hortusplantsoen 1-3
1018 TZ Amsterdam

2 –Lab of Labs Public Presentation at Kohnstammzaal

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Wibautstraat 2-4
1091 GM Amsterdam