Lab of Labs

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The Lab of Labs consisted of hands-on design charrettes that explored a variety of approaches for living labs and design research practices, with high-profile international practitioners concretely demonstrating their own methodologies. Each lab conducted a two-day charrette, open to the active participation of Design & The City participants.

They took place on the Knowledge Mile, a living lab in the center of Amsterdam, and practically teased out different styles, approaches and methodologies in design/co-design. Outcomes, insights and reflections were presented in a conclusive meeting and used as a starting point for a broader discussion about design methodologies, and their relationship with living labs and smart cities.

The public presentation of the Lab of Labs took place on Wednesday night (20 April; 20:00 – 22:00) at the Kohnstammzaal of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and was open to the general public. Read the report.