Hyperlocal civic platforms

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Hyperlocal civic platforms Enlarge image Digalarti Arduino Shields (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Kitchen Budapest (KIBU) is an innovation and incubation lab operating in Hungary since 2007, supporting young talents and aiming to provide solutions to global and mass-cultural issues. Working with a broad network of international partners, KIBU provides guidance to digital innovators through idea development programs and design methodologies.

What is the problem space we will address?
We will produce design ideas for hyperlocal civic platforms that can interact with pervasive digital technologies in the smart cities of today and tomorrow. Leveraging ubiquitous connectivity (municipal wifi hotspots, bluetooth beacons…) and mobile devices, smart civic media may help communities to self-organize, to exchange information and services, and to actively contribute to the administration of the city. We will address civic platforms at a “hyperlocal” scale, for example serving neighbors in the same block, coworkers sharing in the same building, daily commuters in the same train and other very specific communities, while at the same time considering how to connect them with the smart city as a whole. Participants to this charrette may generate design visions for a variety of pervasive/ubiquitous devices, including smartphones, wearable and tangible technologies, for in-car/in-train devices, network-connected sensors, smart objects and smart buildings.

Which methodologies will be adopted?
We will demonstrate an iterative methodology based on observation, interviews, and collaborative scenario-building and sketching with local stakeholders. Design concepts will be generated from short narratives and storyboards co-created with potential users, and will be visualized and discussed through lo-fi digital and non-digital prototypes.

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