“It is the people that make great cities”

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“It is the people that make great cities” Enlarge image

According to Tony Garcia, policy planners are bad at making great cities, it is the people that make great cities. When you include the angry person in the design process, you are giving them owernship – they become responsible and proud once a project is succesful.

In his presentation Garcia talks about a project revolving around the Ludlum Trail, a former freight corridor right around the corner of his own home in Miami. In this project he was both a neighbour and designer.

The approach he suggests is called Tactical Urbanism, which is inspired by hacker culture. It is about creating disruption in everything you do to create a better world. This attitude leads to a change in perception. When you iterate on the initial disruption, you can invest in a more permanent approach. Iteration is common practice in product design, where you test, plan and test again.

Read the essay by Tony Garcia: Tactical Urbanism: Planning for People.

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