Thijs Turèl

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Thijs Turèl is program manager of the Democracy by Design program at Alliander. He is working both on smart grid innovations and the societal implications of the energy transition. Thijs is interested in the relationship between the application of information technology for solving global challenges and the distribution of wealth and power. In the program ‘Democracy by Design’ Thijs is working on a set of design guidelines to implement technology in our ‘smart’ cities in a fair, inclusive an democratic way.

Aside from considering the broader societal implications of smart city technology, Thijs is developing new grid services for charging electric mobility. Central to this is finding a way to align the interests of EV drivers, charge point operators, grid operator, energy providers, municipalities and society as a whole.

Previously, Thijs worked as a scenario planner at Futureconsult. At Futureconsult he advised clients in dealing with long term uncertainty in their strategic process. Thijs has worked in a wide variety of sectors such as health, energy, housing, education and municipal government.

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